Hello world!

This site has been set up by Jenn an Early Years Teacher, who is also a Mum of two (with help from her husband with the web technicalities!)

Jenn decided to train as a teacher and once she had completed her Education Degree, took a post in an infant class of a large primary school, then a dedicated infant school. She quickly learnt the hunger that children have for learning, and how quickly they were able to achieve ‘Fantastic’ results with the appropriate teaching methods.

Jenn has taught over many years, and her passion for teaching has increased, and specifically with the teaching of communication, reading and writing. She is a strong believer that communication is key for any child to develop and find their way through life. Jenn is adamant that if a child can read then they can do ANYTHING. She is resolute that if a child that can read, it can achieve, research and complete any task it chooses to. There is a wealth of written information available in the world and anyone can access it if they are able to read - just as you are at the moment.

Learning to read is not a one off, immediate skill. Reading requires many, many learning processes have to have taken place, many times, before a person can start to make sense of the squiggles and marks on a page and decipher and read them as words. Using Fantastic Phonics Jenn will share her teaching and learning methods FREE of charge to any child educator. Using the Fantastic Phonics website Jenn hopes to make available all the information and details that are required to effectively teach reading using synthetic phonics.

Jenn sees this website as an opportunity to help people become more proficient and effective educators. The information contained on this web site has been gained over years of teaching and would be impossible to pass on to a parent or carer in a parent / teacher interview or open evening with a 15 minute ‘slot’.

The site has been designed to easily revisit ideas to refresh memories for repetition and consolidation, or move onto the next element required in the learning process. Jenn hopes to break down many of these steps into manageable ‘bite sized’ pieces, that any parent, childminder, grand parent, nursery nurse, tutor or home educator can dip into to get ideas and examples of how to achieve each step in a FUN and PLAYFUL way.

This is Jenn’s first ‘web experience’ as her expertise and enthusiasm lie in the teaching of children, but as a teacher she would love to teach anyone to teach another to read. She believes that the gift of reading is an invaluable one, and one that a person can use for the rest of their life.

If you would like to find out how to help and encourage a child or adult to read using phonics please flag this site up in your list of favourites and check back regularly, as new articles, examples of games and teaching methods will be added periodically.